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Default neighbor built over my property line

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glenn P wrote:
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glenn P wrote:
Since the fence is owned by both of you, the responsibility for/living
its misplacement is pretty much shared. I find it hard to believe the
fence line would be 6" inside your property though.

According to the OP, the fence is neither misplaced, nor shared. It's
entirely inside his property line.

Here we go again...

Yes, if a fence is inside his property line, someone had to put it there,
and it's in the wrong position (6" inside), creating a communal
of an incorrect property line. Apparently not long enough has passed for
to be considered an accepted property line.

In the wrong place according to whom? If I put up a fence, I would do
it exactly as the OP did, with it slightly inside my property line. I
don't care about a "communal impression." I want a fence that I own
and control. If you place it on the property line, in most cases
it's a jointly owned fence that the property owners on each side are
now jointly responsible for.

Since you obviously have little idea what you are talking about, I won't
bother arguing with you.

But basically, for anyone else reading this, if you put up a fence inside a
property line, then you should be at least partly liable for any problems
caused by this. The neighbour shouldn't have to employ a surveyor to
determine where you think your boundary might be. As I said, (where I'm
from) fences between properties are always jointly owned. Is what you're
suggesting that each neighbour erect their own fence?

"Controlling" a fence...... Now I need to hit that plonker button - where
is it!?