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Default neighbor built over my property line

glenn P wrote:
Since the fence is owned by both of you, the responsibility for/living with
its misplacement is pretty much shared. I find it hard to believe the whole
fence line would be 6" inside your property though.

According to the OP, the fence is neither misplaced, nor shared. It's
entirely inside his property line.

If a survey proves you right, and you are still concerned about it - I would
suggest (at least where I'm from) you'd be the one ripping up the 6" of
concrete (and returning it to your neighbour of course) - shortly before
demarcating your lines better....

Where is it that you're from that a neighbor can pour concrete on your
property and it's up to you to remove it and return it to the neigbor?

Don't bother with court - hire a surveyor, concrete saw & move that fence
(tell the neighbour first) - much cheaper!

And more bad advice. The proper sequence is surveyor, then lawyer to
understand your legal options. You MIGHT wind up in court, but the
above process is far more likely to get you there.

"Patches Forever" wrote in message
I have a fence that encircles my property and (I believe) it is built 6
inches inside of my property line. A few years ago one of my neighbors
poured a concrete walk right up against the fence, i.e. it is 6 inches
the line. I never said anything because it doesn't cause me a problem,
however he is now going to sell his house and I think he should cut the
walkway back to his edge of the line (at least) before he sells. I
talked to him about it yet but I will be doing so soon. I may need to get
surveyor to establish the property line. Then, if my neighbor won't cut
walkway back I may have to take him to court. Does any one here have

Bill S.