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Default neighbor built over my property line

It's an important issue, because if it goes unaddressed, it becomes a
permanent easement on your property--in NY, I think it's 10 years of
unaddressed encroachment. Has caused big g-d problems for people, just cuz
they were "nice guys".
I'm no spert, but I believe you can address this w/o making him actually
take it out, by having him pay $1/yr for the use of sed property, which
would become part of the paperwork of his sale. This way, you can cancel
the "lease" at any time, and reclaim your property, if nec. Or just
preserve the value of your prop. by having that option always at hand.
Consult a lawyer, it shouldn't really have to go to court.
If the neighbor becomes a hard-ass, just tell'im: Look, sign the papers,
pay me my fukn dollar a year, or become liable for all my court costs,
damage claims, psych distress, blah blah.

Or, YOU can be the hard-ass and push for removal. Not that you wouldn't be
entitled, just proly a little more confrontational.
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"Patches Forever" wrote in message
I have a fence that encircles my property and (I believe) it is built 6
inches inside of my property line. A few years ago one of my neighbors
poured a concrete walk right up against the fence, i.e. it is 6 inches
the line. I never said anything because it doesn't cause me a problem,
however he is now going to sell his house and I think he should cut the
walkway back to his edge of the line (at least) before he sells. I
talked to him about it yet but I will be doing so soon. I may need to get
surveyor to establish the property line. Then, if my neighbor won't cut
walkway back I may have to take him to court. Does any one here have

Bill S.