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Default Telephone Line Fault?

"John Rumm" wrote in message
Andy wrote:

I still get an occasional problem either with a continuous tone ( not the
dial tone, the higher pitched loss-of-connection tone )
or just an open line ( hiss, crackle ) that won't respond to anything,
then for no reason I'll get a normal dial tone when I
plug in for the umpteenth time.

BT it is then.......

Yup, that sounds like a real line fault not just a identification of dial
tone problem.

(one other cause of unexpected loss of connection is call waiting - you
can turn this off by dialing #43# IIRC)

I managed to get through to BT on their line fault reporting number 0800 800
151 and the automated woman talks you through a test whereby you are called
back within 30 seconds after the receiver is replaced.

I have to tell you now that no such call was forthcoming......

The BT line fault progress number indicates that I may ave a real line fault
so thanks for all the help, especially for helping me to understand how BT
Call Minder 1571 worked!