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Default Telephone Line Fault?

"John Rumm" wrote in message
John wrote:

Some modems have problems connecting when they "see" or "hear" the
interrupted dialtone. Clear your messages and you should be able to
connect OK.

Unticking the "wait for dialtone" box in the modem configuration dialogue
will also solve that. If you can't see that, then entering an advanced
configuration option of "ATX0" should also do it.



Cheers Folks,

There still seems to be a problem even after clearing the backlog of 8
stored 1571 messages dating back to september!
........ including one telling me I had not got the job I recently was
interviewed for :0(
( I'm gutted - it was a cushy number )

I still get an occasional problem either with a continuous tone ( not the
dial tone, the higher pitched loss-of-connection tone )
or just an open line ( hiss, crackle ) that won't respond to anything, then
for no reason I'll get a normal dial tone when I
plug in for the umpteenth time.

BT it is then.......