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Default Telephone Line Fault?

Before I contact BT I thought I'd ask if anyone has a similar problem to me.
I have have had problems getting onto the internet before and only repeated
removing and replacing of the RJ45 connector from the modem could get it

At first I thought it was a dodgy contact but all looks good and jiggling it
has no effect. I also replaced the modem line & connectors and tore the
laptop apart* and resoldered the modem socket.

However, someone told me the other day my number was giving out a 1575
message, when they should have got through. Also the dial tone is now a
high-low tone, that's if there is one at all, when it stops working I get
just hiss and crackle and replacing the receiver umpteen times doesn't bring
back the tone.

I've disconnected everything but a single phone from the network, and still
the weird tone. Any ideas, if not it's time to call BT I think.

* Only two screws left over, not bad for dismantling and reassembly of a