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"Clive George" wrote in message
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I actually have some sympathy for your plight - it doesn't sound

Are you being ironical? It certainly isn't a plight, by any stretch of
one's imagination. I haven't mentioned this before, but it's the gross
lack of consideration for one's neighbours that really gets to me.

In which case why did you contact the fire brigade? What do you think
their job is : mediating disputes between neighbours, or fire and rescue
related activities? Your actions so far indicate that you believed the
former is part of their job - do you still believe that?

Dear! Oh dear! How many times do I have to repeat myself.
I contacted the fire brigade in the hope that they could apply some pressure
on my neighbours to get them to remove their bags of rubbish. That's all.
UPDATE: My neighbours appear to have gone, leaving behind even more rubbish.
I think that this could be due to the new requirement for landlords to
register for fire risk assessment.
It seems that I was wasting my time in approaching these people in the first
place. If I'd known that they were leaving soon, I wouldn't have bothered.

However at least some of your attempts to take action have been in the
wrong place, and the fact you're still complaining that they wouldn't
listen to you indicates you still don't understand why you're wrong.

You're at it again! The people concerned _did_ listen to me, but told me
that they were unable to help me, as they didn't have the
mandate/authority to do so.

They're telling you precisely what I've said - that your attempts to take
action are in the wrong place. Just because they listened to you doesn't
make them the right people to complain to. Kudos to them for listening,
but having done so doesn't actually make them responsible.

You want the last word? You've got it.