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"Andy Wade" wrote in message
news wrote:

They being- electricity supply company,

Which one? If you correctly identified the one supplying the premises
in question (not necessarily the same as yours, of course) they ought to
have shown some concerned.

city council (as landlord) and local police station

No, I can't see either of those being interested enough to send someone
out quickly.

dont understand what youre saying above, but as i said it did not "get
someone out pretty quickly."

For a quick response try contacting the DNO on their emergency number
and report it as a dangerous situation. The metering equipment is no
longer their direct concern (it belongs to a meter operating company,
e.g. (round here) Siemens Metering) but they do have the responsibility
for safe operation of the supply network. At the very least they could
pull the main fuse and refer the matter to the metering company.


I have never heard of this DNO or MPAS nor was I offered a contact number by
any of the other organisations I contacted and assume they had never heard
of it either.I did contact EMEB if thats what you mean.As far as I know
Siemens is only involved as meter readers rather than in any other capacity.
I would have thought a landlord would have been concerned by the possibility
of their property being burned down, but apparently not, and as we all know
the police have no interest in 'minor domestic matters' such as theft.
As an aside the meter actually caught fire a year or so later and frankly
the quality of the repair leaves something to be desired (exposed copper
ends where the wire was cropped - dont know if its live but it certainly
looks dodgy).
As i said the real level of concern regarding this is shown by the total
insecurity of the meter itself.