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news wrote:

They being- electricity supply company,

Which one? If you correctly identified the one supplying the premises
in question (not necessarily the same as yours, of course) they ought to
have shown some concerned.

city council (as landlord) and local police station

No, I can't see either of those being interested enough to send someone
out quickly.

dont understand what youre saying above, but as i said it did not "get
someone out pretty quickly."

For a quick response try contacting the DNO on their emergency number
and report it as a dangerous situation. The metering equipment is no
longer their direct concern (it belongs to a meter operating company,
e.g. (round here) Siemens Metering) but they do have the responsibility
for safe operation of the supply network. At the very least they could
pull the main fuse and refer the matter to the metering company.