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Clive George wrote:
"Sylvain VAN DER WALDE" wrote in message

Not even "Human rights gone crazy". Do you think the situation would have
been any different say 40 years ago?

I believe that it would have been very different (I'm 71). The police and
fire brigade were more amenable, as far as I can remember.

Amenable to you sticking your nose in your neighbour's business?

You may disagree - but the fire dept told you it wasn't their problem.
Which it isn't. Environmental health maybe, but expecting the fire
brigade to be dustmen is just wrong. What next - get the ambulance round
to dig your garden?

I don't think that you've read my messages with sufficient care/attention.
I've made it quite clear that I asked the fire brigade to get the
occupiers to remove their bags of rubbish, as I believed that they
presented a fire hazard. Something that they stated they couldn't do. They
didn't say that it wasn't their problem; just that they weren't able to
help me. It seems that you can do what you like on your own property,
_regardless_ of possible fire risk and/or health hazard.

If it was a genuine fire risk, they'd have done something - eg containers of
petrol sloshing around. Bags of rubbish left outside aren't anything like
the sort of risk they want to worry about. I can think of rather higher
risks which occur entirely normally, and nobody tries to prevent them.

Who would I trust to make a decision regarding such a risk : the fire
brigade, or a nosey neighbour who's actually just using it as an excuse to
try and get rid of an eyesore?

I actually have some sympathy for your plight - it doesn't sound pleasant.
However at least some of your attempts to take action have been in the wrong
place, and the fact you're still complaining that they wouldn't listen to
you indicates you still don't understand why you're wrong. Your attempts to
blame this on 'political correctness' and 'human rights' are also wildly
misplaced. It's nothing to do with your Daily Mail-type worries - it's far
simpler: there is not the justification for them to take the action you


Maybe try another approach, a BIG sign on their wall saying 'I revel in
my own crap.'

Then if youre more daring, tip off the papers.