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On Sat, 30 Sep 2006 09:56:48 UTC, "Sylvain VAN DER WALDE"

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complaint about rubbish in neighbours garden

Why the subject line? Why do you think this is "political correctness gone
mad"? Or are you of the same opinion as me, viz anybody who uses that
phrase without their tongue in their cheek is a bit barking?

I could have said "Human rights gone crazy" I suppose, or something similar.
I was very surprised that the local authorities seemed unable to help me
sort out this matter. The fire brigade spokesman admitted that "their hands
were tied", and that people could do what they liked on their own property,
even if they caused a fire risk.

And FWIW the fire brigade are entirely the wrong people to contact about

I disagree. These bags of rubbish occupy three quarters of the front garden
space, and are no more than two feet away from the front of the house. I
admit that I was prepared to do whatever I could to get rid of this eyesore
(yes, this is my main concern), but I'm quite sure that my approaches to the
local council and fire department were perfectly _valid_.

Try the local paper?

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