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Default leccy on de fiddle....Teehee!!

"Staffbull" wrote in message

chris 159 wrote: wrote:
Anyone know how to make one of those boxes that turns the wheel on
your meter back?

I know microwave transformers were used but have no idea how to. i'm

there must be wiring diagrams on the net somewhere. The modified

transformer was called an 'autotransformer' if thats any help
I trust this is for educational purposes only ;-)



On the educational note, sureley you would just connect from the main
cutout direct to the CU, leaving the meter in place, path of least
resistance and all that, current would flow down the inserted cable.
but why you would go to such lengths to save 10 - 15 a week is
beyond me.

He'll save far more than that. In prison he'll get free meals and a
bed for the night and may even blag some free vocational training.