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Hello all.

The occupiers of the next door house (it's been sold some months ago to a
property investment company, and is awaiting refurbishment) have been
leaving many bags of rubbish in the area that used to be the front garden.
I did speak to them once before about it; and also put a note through their
letter box a couple of days ago, because there was a bad smell coming from
it. Anyway, those bags of rubbish are still there.
P.S. They have a large van, and could easily take them to the nearest dump,
_as they have done previously_.

To come to the crux of the matter:

I got in touch with my local council to report a possible health hazard.
They informed me that they could do nothing, as it was a private residence,
and not a council-owned one.

I bet you forgot to tell them about the rats ...

worked for me