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Andy Dingley
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Default Plastic Food Wrap, what happened to "Saran Wrap"?

On Wed, 24 Dec 2003 21:08:28 +0000, Mark Rand

Didn't realise plastics were used in Xray lasers... Live and learn.

Read the original Hagelstein paper. Saran was a substrate used to
deposit metal films on (which did the interesting bit). If you were
computer modelling the plasmas (as I was) you had to model both
components. Of course, the Brits had no idea what this bizarre
American wonder-material "Saran" that Los Alamos had cooked up could
possiby be - we thought it was an allotrope of krypotonite.

Then you learn that it's just cling film

Then you learn that it's _not_ just cling film.

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