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Dan Caster
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Default Plastic Food Wrap, what happened to "Saran Wrap"?

My understanding is that PVDC is much better for water vapor
transmission rates than PE.


"Kathy and Erich Coiner" wrote in message news:K6FFb.193

Peter Meek has a lot of good info in his post.
I will just add that Saran is PVDC poly vinylidene Di Chloride.
This material has one of the lowest Oxygen transmission rates of all

All this means is that Saran does a much better job of keeping food fresh
than Polyethylene or PVC wraps.
PE is great for water transmission but it does squat for Oxygen

For those who want to pursue further self study, use the search engine of
choice with these two terms WVTR and O2TR

ah the things you learn that they don't teach in schools