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Peter W. Meek
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Default Plastic Food Wrap, what happened to "Saran Wrap"?

On Mon, 22 Dec 2003 03:21:59 -0500, Daniel Abranko

I also noticed that as of late, all the food cling wraps have been
really crummy. The original Saran wrap is made of a patented film
product from Dow-Corning. This stuff is the extremely tenaciously clingy
wrap used in commercial packaging applications, think about pre-cut
chicken pieces, and pallet wrap. The knockoffs use PVC, which is nowhere
nearly as clingy but isnt patented either.

SaranWrap is made by Dow, not Dow-Corning (which makes mostly
silicone products like fake tits and Silicone-Seal). D-C is
or was a joint venture between Dow Chemical and Corning Glass
(maker of silicon products like -- well, like glass). Distinguish
between silicone and silicon, something that all news media
seem unable to manage, but well within the capabilities of

I don't think pallet wrap is Saran. Saran is pretty
expensive for that.

SaranWrap is made from Saran film (a plastic made by Dow
Chemical Co.) and is fundamentally different from all other
kitchen wraps in that it presents a MUCH higher resistance
to the passage of odor molecules -- a difference I seem to
be unable to convey to my wife. It doesn't cling quite as
easily as some of the other kitchen wraps; it is quite a bit
thicker. You really have to stretch it a bit to get it to cling.
Sideways across the far side of the bowl, then spread and
pull, simultaneously, over the near side.

They make it by extruding Saran through an annular die and
inflating the resulting tube to about 2 feet in diameter
as it hardens, then flattened and wound onto big rolls.
Then it's slit into three doubled strips and rewound
onto six large 1 foot wide rolls before being rewound a
second time onto the familiar cardboard tubes. (I did
the rewind from wide rolls to narrow for one summer

"Peter W. Meek"
"My dad worked for Dow since shortly after WWII"