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Default Can I replace 2.5-mm/40-degree knives with 3-mm/45-degree ones?

I posted yesterday about my Inca 410 dilema (only one pair of knives
and no new ones available from the manufacturer). I took the knives
out today and was able to measure the slots using various items as
make-shift feeler gauges. I have just enough room to insert a 3-mm
knife (slot seems to accomodate about 3.08-mm).

If the original knife was 3/32 or about 2.5-mm, is it okay to use a
3-mm instead? I can't imagine why not but perhaps I'm missing
something. I should have to problem tightening the bolts in the head.

Also, I notice that most of the planer knives sold come with a
45-degree bevel, whereas mine are more like 40-degrees. What kind of
results can I expect by changing the bevel? I purchased my Inca used
and I'm not sure if they originally came w/ a 40-degree bevel or if it
was changed at some point.

Finally, I have found a place on Amazon selling 1M long, 3-mm x 1"
knives for $65, plus $1.50 per cut. This would give me four knives.
Razor Tools has a three-knife set that are 12.25" long and $36.80 on
sale (but would require cutting--and the web page seems to indicate
they don't have any stock of any planer knives due to supply issues).
Two sets of three would give me three sets of two for my Inca. Global
doesn't seem to offer 3mm thick x 1" stock, but I will call them in the
morning to make certain it isn't an oversight. There is even someone
on Ebay selling 3-mm knives. I want quality, and I recognize the Amana
name. So I'm tempted to go that route. Any other places I should