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Default Is it a radial or ring circuit?


Does this sound like a radial circuit to you or should I buy a
continuity tester to be 100% sure (if so any recommendations?)

From the visual examination you've done so far (and despite what the
usually-reliable Chris Green writes), you simply can't tell whether
you've a ring or a radial without more work, with a strong preference
for using a continuity tester/multimeter.

I did wonder whether to qualify my rather definite comment but decided
not to.

It would be easy enough to see if the two sockets are on the 20A MCB
by themselves simply by switching the MCB off and seeeing if only
those two sockets are de-energised. Then you *know* that it's a
radial circuit with two sockets on it. Even if the wire goes round
and round the house, is wired in a ring and the two sockets are
spurred off the ring, treating it as a radial will be quite OK.

Chris Green )