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Default How much discount do tradesmen get?

Martin Wiseman wrote:
I went into our local builder's merchant to get a length of drainpipe at
the weekend and walked straight back out again when I discovered they
wanted 11 for a 2m length (and 5 for an outlet shoe). I bought the 2m
of pipe from Homebase in the end for 5.

So how much discount do tradesmen get at builder's merchants? At those
prices I would think it would have to be at least 60% for anyone to even
bother using them.


It varies between products. The discount is anywhere up to 50% but
normally around 30%. They make extra profit from retail which claws
back some of the discount they give to the trade. Even the sheds (B&Q,
Wickes etc) are in on the racket. An item my company sells to B&Q for
0.58 ends up at 4.50 on their shelves. Ask the price at the
Builders Merchants before buying and tell them to get stuffed if it is
too high. Dont worry about offending them. They are used to it and have
hides like a Rhinoceros.