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Default Small hammers?

On Sat, 08 Apr 2006 13:58:07 -0400, "[email protected]" wrote:

I inherited one with a smaller head and thinner handle; it has no name
on it, but was sold as a woman's hammer. I guess it would be
politically incorrect to call it that today.

You could look at to see what they have, but there are some

You'll just end up with women big enough to use a big hammer.

Try instead.

things, like hammers and shoes, that I would want to try on before buying.

Ok. Just kidding.

Mike S. wrote:

Are there (claw) hammers that are specially designed for people with
small hands? I've been using my uncles hammers and they are way too big
for me to work with. I can barely wrap my hands around the grip or even
in the middle of the hammer and they feel like they weigh a ton when
I'm trying to hammer nails. I feel like if I had a smaller hammer that
actually fit my hand and weighed 16 oz (or less) instead of 22 oz then
maybe it would make things easier. But I can't seem to find any small
hammers anywhere. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong stores or something.

Do smaller sized hammers exist? Am I going to have to look somewhere
special for them?