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Mark Rand
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Default KBC advertises 00005 (5 hun-th) caliper

On 27 Mar 2006 17:52:13 -0800, "LowEnergyParticle"

All told, this is kind of a strange ad. If you hit the page with the
and read the fine print, it says that the 0.000,05 accuracy is claimed
for the caliper ONLY. The included electronic dial guage is only good
to 0.001. Kind of backwards from the usual thing; I'd expect a caliper
and dial set to either have the same resolution, or the finer
resolution to be with the dial, not the caliper. Plus, as Harold noted
above, you're unlikely to actually get 0.000,05 out of a caliper

Go figure :-)


Maybe the sneaky devils are going metric for the caliper... 0.000,05 metres
would be about 2 thou :-0

Mark Rand