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Jeff Wisnia
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Default Question about small 7 x 10 lathes

Cuezilla wrote:

I am curious if there are any clubs for home and hobbyists machinists
in the Fort Lauderdale Florida area? This may sound like a silly
question but I am planing to buy one of those 7 x 12 lathes for my
wife for something she does. She now uses one of my larger lathes, but
I would like to set her up a little work space in the house just for
herself. The problem is, since I have been doing machining, I build
poolcues, I have never even seen one of these little lathes up close.
They only seem to be in catalogs or now on line, I wish I could just
walk into a store and check one out. I would like to actually see one
in action and see how it works. I don't know if it is out of line to
ask, but if anyone in the Fort Lauderdale area has one they would like
to demonstrate or even sell, I would be interested. I would just not
want to go to the trouble of buying one mail order, only to have her
not be happy with it. I would say one of them can certainly do the
work she wants it to do, but if it is a hassle in any way she may not
be happy. From looking, everything just seems so small on those
lathes, I would like to see how it is to actually operate one. I have
the idea she may be a little spoiled using my machines. If someone can
help me out you can just e-mail me. Thanks.

I bet if you post to this group:

or some of the other resources on this web site:

You'll find some nice guys near you who'd accept a visit from you and your

Chip makers tend to be nice folks.

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