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Default Failure to get sharp

"Ed Huntress" wrote in message
. net...

There should be no need to anneal water-hardening steel before

it, Ken. For high-alloy steels, yes, particularly for high-speed steel.

unless the steel is really screwed up to begin with, water-hardening

need an initial anneal.

Also, quenching in water at the end of the tempering step does nothing at
all. You may have seen it recommended to terminate the transfer of heat

you're using the selective-tempering method. In that case, you need a

to keep too much heat from reaching the edge, or whatever part you're

to leave the hardest. But it's completely unnecessary, and completely
ineffective, when you're tempering the piece to a uniform temperature,
whether you temper for a short or a long time.

Ed Huntress

Depending on the tool size, I think I might at least normalise prior to
hardening it, to be sure of a consistant grain size.