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Default Failure to get sharp

"Ken Vale" wrote in message
RWL wrote:

On Sun, 5 Oct 2003 09:21:59 -0700, "Bill Marrs"

I don't see any mention in your process of quenching after drawing the
temper in the toaster oven.

Ummm. I was supposed to quench it in water again after annealing
rather than letting it cool in air like I did?

No you misunderstand. Process should go: Shaping, Anneal, Harden,
Temper, Honing. Annealing works best in a medium like sand, ash, or
virmiculite (though it depends on the steel). For W-1 Harden in Water.
Temper to strawish colour and then quench in water for W-1. Then Honing
using stones or sandpaper.

There should be no need to anneal water-hardening steel before heat-treating
it, Ken. For high-alloy steels, yes, particularly for high-speed steel. But,
unless the steel is really screwed up to begin with, water-hardening doesn't
need an initial anneal.

Also, quenching in water at the end of the tempering step does nothing at
all. You may have seen it recommended to terminate the transfer of heat when
you're using the selective-tempering method. In that case, you need a quench
to keep too much heat from reaching the edge, or whatever part you're trying
to leave the hardest. But it's completely unnecessary, and completely
ineffective, when you're tempering the piece to a uniform temperature,
whether you temper for a short or a long time.

Ed Huntress