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Default Do VFD's make pulleys obsolete?

absolutely - the reeves drive is much noiser than a pulley (I have a
reeves drive on my metal lathe, don't like it given that I also have a
VFD), and you have no need for a phase converter since the VFD does
that for you, and it also will start/stop smoothly, saving wear and
tear on machinery and also reducing loading on your electrical system
- AND, it will protect the motor from overcurrent, etc. If you are
going to run the motor slow (say 100 RPM) for a long time, you will
want to add a muffin fan to cool it - I do this with my wood lathe - I
set the motor to turn at maybe 5 RPM to dry stuff that I've just
lacquered so I don't get any runs - the motor can run this way for a
long time without overheating with a 5 inch muffin fan blowing air
through it, but without the fan, even with minimal load, it gets
pretty hot since the motor's own fan doesn't do anything at low RPM.

hope this helps.

(oh, my mill has a 20something speed gear box so I don't use a VFD on
it, just a capacitor (aka static converter) to get it started)

On Fri, 17 Feb 2006 14:32:31 -0500, "Proctologically Violated©®"

Would you recommend a stepped pulley system in conjuction w/ VFD over a
trad'l split pulley/variable speed drive system for most situations?


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