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Lee Michaels
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Default What are the reasons so few modern planes measure up to the old one?

"DCH" wrote

You have to let her think its her idea...when I make something for the
house...which is mostly what I do anyways...sometimes I employ the time
honored..."new tool" rule, A typical example might be...she
sees a commercial or advertisment...and wants you to make one for say "Well Honey, I would love to...but I would need a insert
tool name here to make that...and I don't have one..

Most of the time you will get the tool...and you both win...she gets the
furniture and you get the tool...

When I was a young lad, starting out, I would often do projects just to buy
a much needed tool. I worked for cheap in those days. But I was able to
put together a shop in my spare time without much outlay of my meager funds.

That standard line of, "But I need a (insert name of tool here) to make this
item" became my mantra. One funny thing that happened a couple of times was
that people would show up at my shop and demand a demonstration of the newly
purchased tool. I gave it to them and they were satisfied.

I would never put up with that kind of nonsense now. But when funds are
short and tool lust is strong, we will do all kinds of thngs to improve our
shop capacity.