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Brooks Moses
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Default What are the reasons so few modern planes measure up to the oldone?

Colonel wrote:
On 2006-01-21 09:05:10 -0500, "Charles Self"
True. And that's a major part of the reason that around the world, we
see so many old, superb houses. The poorly built houses collapsed many
years ago, just as the poorly made tools hit the trash bins early. The
good stuff just keeps on keeping on.

Ehhhh...I'd have to respectfully disagree. My house is 114 years old
but it certainly isn't "superb."

2' x 6" floor joists over 14' or 16' spans...piers made from bricks and
sand lime...the floors slope and slop like a rough day at sea...but
I'll readiy admit it's "charming" and looks "lived in!"

Heh. Reminds me of the house I grew up in. It was a pretty standard
farmhouse with a basically square floorplan, and the basement was
divided in two halves with a wall from the front to the back. Then, on
the first floor, there was a hallway down the middle from the front to
the back, with walls on either side of it.

Now, those walls down the side of the hallway? As best I can tell, they
were load-bearing.

So, the hallway floor, with the basement support going down the middle
of it and the unsupported walls on either side of it holding up the
upstairs, was crowned like a good road -- the middle was about two
inches higher than the sides. (Someone had painted it black like a
road, too. It was great for toy cars....) And the floors in the rooms
all sloped down towards the hallway.

- Brooks

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