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Default Removed vinyl tile... How do I remove glue on concrete slab?

the best method I know about is a 4" floor scraper. This is an
oversized razor blade scraper, you can see one he
scroll down to the 350 and 360

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"Al Kondo" wrote in message
I am laying ceramic tile in my kitchen and living room.. they are
connected. The kitchen had plywood flooring so I laid cement
board as
a base. The living room has a concrete slab so I plan to lay
tile directly onto the concrete. It presently has vinyl tile on
I removed some of it and see that it is going to have quite a
bit of
residual glue. How do I get this glue off? I have all kinds
solvent at home including "goof - off", turpentine. lacquer
and even, coleman lantern fuel. What are some reasonable ways
proceed here.

Thanks, Al Kondo