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Pete C.
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Default Linux is Driving me $#@!!!! nutz!!!

Donnie Barnes wrote:

On Mon, 02 Jan, Pete C. wrote:
Only for the clueless. MacOS was total crap up until Apple finally
realized they lacked the expertise to write an OS and put their UI over
someone else's Unix core. Now instead of being a crappy UI on top of a
crappy OS, it's a crappy UI on top of a so-so OS.

I wouldn't characterize it as crappy. I would say it's still somewhat
incomplete as compared to Windows (the UI, that is).

I find it infuriating, particularly the mangled language and the
atrocious dialogs for configuration of basic stuff. I found the
configuration of a WiFi connection on a friends Mac to be utterly absurd
with it complaining about things that were perfectly valid and not
saving profiles properly.

Don't mistake me for a Windoze bigot either, I use Windoze for a lot of
things for two reasons:

1. When you have a clue, Windoze is perfectly stable. Over five
different systems, two of which run 24x7, I average one Windoze crash /
problem every couple years. I have also never had a virus on any of
these systems despite the fact they are on a cable modem connection full
time. People who have problems with Windoze primarily bring it on
themselves and will do the same regardless of the OS.

I'd like to think myself a bit of a computer expert. I use Windows as
well, and do not run anti-virus software and have never *knock*knock* had a
virus, either.

I run AV only on my main email / surfing machine and have it scan the
other machines over the network.

My main machine is a laptop running Linux, but I use a Mac
on one side of it and a Windows box on the other depending on which one
suits the job best. Unlike you, however, I do still see the occasional
crash on Windows. I'd put it at more like three times per year at this
point. That is *dramatically* down from previous versions of Windows (this
is XP home that I keep updated) and I do consider it "decent."

Most of my current machines are Win2Kpro with one XPpro machine. Even
back in the Win95 days I had no problems with stability, in fact at that
point where I worked we each had Win95 machines running the same apps
and my machine would happily run for 45 days or more without any
problems while others had crashes every few days.

2. Many pieces of software I use are only for, or run best on Windoze
and they run without any problems whatsoever on my systems. In the Linux
world there are open source substitutes for some of these programs,
however they are inconsistent, are often missing important features and
have essentially no support.

Agreed. In some cases there is *no* equivalent on Linux or any other OS
and not likely to be (like my Needhams ROM burner, my Garmin GPS, my Uniden
radio scanner, etc).

If you want a rock solid, secure and reliable OS you will not find it in
Windoze, MacOS or Linux, you also will not find it for free.

Err, I'd debate that statement. Linux is, IMHO, rock solid, secure, and
reliable. It still isn't the right tool for every computing job, but it
most assuredly is those three things.

Linux is not by the wildest stretch of the imagination, rock solid,
secure or reliable without a *lot* of effort configuring and tuning. It
is capable of being those things, but "out of the box" is very far from
them. VMS on the other hand is all three of those things "out of the

Pete C.