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Pete C.
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zadoc wrote:

On Tue, 03 Jan 2006 00:32:56 GMT, "Pete C."

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Don't you hate those annoying little distractions? I've got the
potential threat of grass fires to contend with here in the Dallas area.

Pete C.

The fires in Texas and Oklahoma are even making the TV news in Sydney.
As it is midwinter there, isn't this a bit unusual?

Are people there starting to wonder about climatic changes and global

One wonders what midsummer will be like.


Dunno, it's apparently a bit warmer than normal. I bailed out of the
frozen northeast to come down here and I'm loving the weather. It's 57
at the moment, was near 70 today, and I just talked to my mother in CT
where it's 33 and snowing heavily. This past summer had a few 104 degree
days, but the humidity was like 20% so as long as you were in the shade
it was just fine.

Pete C.