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Tim Wescott
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Default Linux is Driving me $#@!!!! nutz!!!

Gunner wrote:

Ok..for all you Linux junkies...this has been driving me nuts for
months and months and ... well you get the idea.
Originally..I thought this issue was hardware....but now...

Installing a number of distros of Linux:

Simply Mepis
Damned small Linux

When configureing PPP for dialup..its simple..set up your account,
modem, comm a query...let it problem each and every one of those distros..using 3 differnt
kinds of USR external modems, A Supra 56 external, a Speed modem and
even 2 differnt kinds of internal ISA and PCI modems...

I can dial out. The ISP connects, I get the proper password etc says Ive connected at x speed, all the proper lights are lit
on the modem(s), I open my browsers (4)...and it just ****ing sits

Eventually it times out and says Unable to connect to bla or
whatever I was trying to open..but thats all

I open the details window of the PPP prog...and in the Received (received) incriments higer every so often..but the transmit
window..normally shows it stalled at 148 packets. And there she stays.

I was thinking this was something unique to my box...but today, I
farted around with two completly different boxes..a Compaq 700, and a
CopperMine clone.

All do the same thing. Ive tried every browser configureation known
to me..etc etc

Every thing works just hunky dorey if I set up a proxy on another
Winblows machine, set the Linux browsers to the proper proxy
settings..then I can go whereever I want. Upload, down load,
newsgroups bla bla bla..

Ive run off of cds, done full hd installs..the freaking works... for
about 7 months now off and on. Id get ****ed, and use it for a
server..then curiosity gets me by the shorthairs..and I try again.

Sometimes..I do notice the activity light on the switch blinking a bit
more often than normal when Im trying to connect. Like its trying to
surf the local network rather than the internet..but not alll the

What the hell am I doing wrong???????


Did you ever get your question answered? Have you tried one of the
Linux newsgroups? They often seem to be informative, with sorting. I'd
ask the question there. One thing to note: just about any post seems
to generate a flame war, so you'll have to sort through some rants to
get to the useful information.


Tim Wescott
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