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Dave August
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Default Linux is Driving me $#@!!!! nutz!!!

Gawd I had to jump in here... I run both 'doze and 'nix...

'doze cause I'm a software developer and MANY clients require it....
'nix 'cause it IS a better DNS/Mail/Webserver

"Joseph Gwinn" wrote in message


HMM Then I guess all those BIND exploits that root kitted 'nix were
Or the FTP exploits, or the telnet hacks, of the somewhat recently announced
PostGreSql exploit.. not to mention anyone stupid enough to run DSO on
anykind of machine exposed as a server... Yep all just must be fantasy...

As for security problems, there are tens of thousands of viruses et al
for Windows, maybe ten for MacOS (none that still work), and essentially
zero for most flavors of UNIX.

--.- Dave