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Bill Schwab
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Default Linux is Driving me $#@!!!! nutz!!!


Only for the clueless. MacOS was total crap up until Apple finally
realized they lacked the expertise to write an OS and put their UI over
someone else's Unix core. Now instead of being a crappy UI on top of a
crappy OS, it's a crappy UI on top of a so-so OS.

I can't much comment on the Mac OS line, but what little I have seen of
their UI suggests that it is over simplified and too cute for its own
good, but also pretty damn good in its own way.

Don't mistake me for a Windoze bigot either, I use Windoze for a lot of
things for two reasons:

1. When you have a clue, Windoze is perfectly stable. Over five
different systems, two of which run 24x7, I average one Windoze crash /
problem every couple years. I have also never had a virus on any of
these systems despite the fact they are on a cable modem connection full

I have had similar experience, but I attribute it in large part to
disregarding much of what Microsoft wants me to do. At this point, I
use Windows because my development environment of choice targets only
it. The list of enumerable benefits of Windows is shrinking, and the
list of reasons to leave is growing.

People who have problems with Windoze primarily bring it on
themselves and will do the same regardless of the OS.

Very true. However, as Microsoft becomes more forceful with their
activation systems and shortens their life cycles, there will be an
increase in problems forced by marketing vs. technology changes and
security constraints.

2. Many pieces of software I use are only for, or run best on Windoze
and they run without any problems whatsoever on my systems. In the Linux
world there are open source substitutes for some of these programs,
however they are inconsistent, are often missing important features and
have essentially no support.

Granted. However, I can say pretty much the same thing about much of
what Microsoft produces; it all depends on whether one is being
clobbered by a defect with high visbility.