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Default 8 Murdered, 45 critically injured in LA Spree

On Mon, 21 Jul 2003 07:14:11 GMT, "Mysterion"

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On Fri, 18 Jul 2003 18:37:54 GMT, "Mysterion"

"Lennie the Lurker" wrote in message
. com...
Gunner is the ****ing joke, a subhuman in every respect.

In general I agree.

I wouldn't go this far. Other than his present tendency to tell
defamatory lies about others he has shown himself to be a fairly
decent human being. Or at least he was prior to Y2K. Perhaps he
isn't in full control of himself these days?

You must understand that I mean "subhuman" only in the ethical and moral
He is bankrupt in both.

Oh, o.k. in that sense would agree.

I like to think its a conditioned response, like Pavlov's dogs, and so, he
is no worse that a lot of the sheeple.

He used to be smart enough to not depend on unthinking conditioned
reflex responses. Of course, perhaps he doesn't really believe what
he says these days and is just seeking approval of his extremist


Quit your
goddam crossposting from drivel and wacko groups. This is
rec.crafts.metalworking, not alt.sicko.

So survivalism is "drivel" and wacko"?
I'm sure the Federal Government and the Red Cross would be interested to
discover that their recommendations are "drivel" and "wacko".

Does either organization recommend "misc.survivalism" as a usenet

Not to my knowledge.
But the basics of survivalism (store some food, water, alternative cooking,
light and heat arangements, have a plan to get the hell out of Dodge if
neccessary) have been echoed by both agencies.

Perhaps they could or even should have prior to Y2K. However it now
seems to have mainly become an extremist political group.

I've noted that, but have difficulty in restraining myself when it comes to
opposing evil/stupidity.


At one time, members actually offered support to one another rather
than trying to lie and defame one another.

...But, of course, an "_ubermenschen_" such as "gunner" would never
be so weak and human, would he?

Goofer has a lot of problems.

Obviously, but at least some are self-inflicted. He doesn't _have_ to
tell defamatory lies about others. This would seem to be free choice
on his part. Unless, of course, he is acting under orders.

Then too, there is always the possibility that he doesn't consider
accusing someone of being a self confessed criminal pedophile as a
serious accusation. Perhaps pedophiles are welcomed or encouraged in

They certainly aren't in Australia. Here known pedophiles are
sometimes murdered. Possibly the only thing that could get one
lynched these days.

"_Magna est veritas et praevalebit"_
(Truth is mighty and will prevail).