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Gary Coffman
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Default An apology

On 24 Jul 2003 22:58:32 -0700, (Eddy Wells) wrote:
Gary Coffman wrote in message
The health of any economy is primarily a function of the velocity
of money. The more rapidly it changes hands, and the more hands
through which it passes, the more robust the economy. It doesn't
really matter what jobs people do to make the velocity of money
high. The notion that wealth is only measured in tangible goods
output is primitive, and a fundamentally flawed way of measuring
the health of a modern economy.


You hit the nail on the head, Gary

The Republicans want to sit on all the money and let it trickle
down to the rest of the people...

Seems to me that Republicans want to spend their money,
same as Democrats. Though the Republicans may want to
spend it on different things.