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jim rozen
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Default An apology

In article , Gunner says...

Hint, at any time, the US could have eased the restrictions on Oil for
Food, etc etc and gotten the oil for Exxon and Haliburton (whom doesnt
sell oil btw..they are producers and service company) for a hell of a
lot cheaper than tis gonna cost them now, with much bigger profits and
better press.

It's not just about getting profits for those companies (and the
expenses of the war are not charged to them, btw) but just as
importantly, to secure control over the flow of resources that
go to the rest of the world.

We now have some semblance of control over appx. 1/3 of the oil
that china imports, for example. France, Germany, Russia, all
rely on Iraq oil to some degree.

Exxon-Mobil *does* sell oil, and I think Ed's comments about the
thin distinction between goods and services could be appropriately
applied here.


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