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Larry Jaques
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Default Cheap import tools and product liability (was: Violent Electric Drill Accident)

On Sat, 19 Jul 2003 05:01:04 GMT, "Keith Marshall"

Speaking of tool there a 12-step program
for that? scritch, scritch, scritch

The least expensive angle grinder was a 4.5 " unit for $39.95. They didn't
seem to know anything about $14.95 units. Where do you find them?

Nearly any "house brand" item from Harbor Freight will occasionally be put
on sale for 1/2 price. Currently I don't see any on sale but there are two
on sale for Inside Track Club members. Item # 43471 is currently $15.97,
usually $29.99 and item # 42203 is $12.97, normally $27.99.

I make it down to Medford every month or two for those HFT
half price sales. What a selection! And some stuff is so cheap
that it's great to use merely as a pattern for a real tool.
Cheap tools are great fun.

But the best deal I've found is from Homier Mobile Merchants, They have a traveling truckload tool sale that comes
through the area a couple of times a year and the last two times they were
here they had them for $5.99! I bought two about a year ago and I'm still
on the first one. Of course the 2nd one may fall apart as soon as I take it
out of the box but for that price I won't complain too much. :-)

Oh yes you will! You'll be taking the second one out of the box
because the first one had died and then where will you be? Get
that second one out and put the first one away. Then you'll KNOW
you have two good (?) grinders. I picked up a Makita 4-1/2 for $35
and it has been a good little machine. Well, the little I use it.

On their Web site there is a link to sign up for notification of when they
will be in your area. Since the Harbor Freight store opened here in
Charlotte they haven't actually come to Charlotte but they've been to nearly
every city around me, usually within 20-30 miles or so. A month ago they
were in the area and had autodark welding helmets for $39.99!

There was a junk truck like that coming around here earlier
this year, but most of the stuff wouldn't have made Harbor
Fright grade. Real Chiwanese trash. Wannabemetal pliers,
annealed drill bits of the same "metal". Hah!

Jeff (Who confesses to being a loyal HF customer for his "hobby grade"

Ditto here. Most stuff is just OK, some is real trash, some
real treasures.

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