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Default Pole Saws, was Cheap import tools and product liability (was:Violent Electric Drill Accident)

'nuther Bob wrote:

On Fri, 18 Jul 2003 22:03:06 GMT, (Gary Coffman)

But in keeping with this thread, I'll relate one incident with respect to the
pole saw. You *cannot* step out of the way quick enough to avoid the
limb you were cutting *directly* over your head. Fortunately I was wearing
my hard hat. Now, for limbs which are so high I'd need to stand directly
underneath to reach them, I use a ladder, off to one side, so I can reach
*over* and cut the limb instead of reaching *up* to cut the limb.

I have one of those saws. It's an accident looking to happen to use it
overhead. It is seriously top heavy. As you cut through the branch,
the saw drops, guess where it ends up. The type with the motor at the
bottom end are good, these things are dangerous.

Mostly I use it now as a trim saw without the pole. It's nice to have
a small electric trim saw around for use up on a ladder. The only time
I use it on the pole is if I can get above the limb and cut below me.
That way if the saw drops I'm not under it. If I can only cut above.
I just use the old hand pole saw.

About those chain over the branch saws: Isn't there an issue with
the bark peeling off the tree on the bottom side as the branch falls
since you can't do an undercut first ?


Well, the instructions which came with mine addressed that. They said to move as
far to each side as posible first to cut through the bark on the underside of the
limb. I realize the geometry to make that happen is kinda tough unless you add
some VERY long extension ropes and can get quite far off to the side. But, that's
what they said to do, and I suppose some undercutting is better than nohing....



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