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Default Cheap import tools and product liability

Bill wrote in message
Tomcat14 wrote:

I saw a Chinese floor jack being returned to my local discount store.
The weld had broken because it was devective and painted over. Most of
this real low priced stuff is from China. They don't really care about
safety or health. Generally though, buyers have to have some
responsibility and be on the lookout. The potential savings is great,
especially for DIYers that don't use certain tools very often, like a
hammer drill.

Well, a couple of years ago I bought a $20 hammer drill, knowing that it
would probably fail early. I was right the bearings started going out
on the first job and were really sad on the second, but I went in with
my eyes open. Then a while back I needed a replacement power cord, so I
thought. I will cut the cord off of the hammer drill and get a little
more good out of my $20. Well, the cord didn't have a ground in it. It
had a three prong plug, but no ground wire. So I didn't even get that
last little bit of good out of the drill.

Bill Gill

I don't want to make this a bash Chinese post because they merely
exhibit the problems of an emerging economy as did Japan, Taiwan,
India, etc. And I have scored some tremendous quality bargains in
electronics and hard tools.
Along the way I learned how easy it is to get fooled. Best to look for
a product with a big name brand as they might be checking the quality
I have seen radio knobs secured with paper, tools with no heat
treating, lead paint, razor sharp edges, color that comes off on hands
or anything else, and the very amusing directions that are often
included. I consider it a challenge to inspect the products and
determine the value. The Chinese watch that I am wearing cost fifty
cents while a new battery for my old one cost $3. I don't expect to
get hurt by it because if I do catch it in the $15 hammer drill it
will rip apart before I do.