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Default Cheap import tools and product liability (was: Violent Electric Drill Accident)

That's BS, Carl. I could undercut anybody in price if I sell garbage put
together by slave labor.

Larry Bailey
Illegitimi non carborundum

"Carl Byrns" wrote in message
On Thu, 17 Jul 2003 09:08:48 -0500, Richard J Kinch

The recent thread "Violent Electric Drill Accident" got me wondering

places like Harbor Freight Tools and their product liability.

snip lame attempt to smear Harbor Freight
Does the Chinese
mafia come to visit if you have a "problem"? Does anyone know how HF is
organized and defends itself?

Has anyone sucessfully sued an out-of-business American tool company?

If I chop my hand off with my non-OSHA (no belt guard) 1954
King-Seeley table saw, who can I blame?

Do some research into why the US light aircraft industry collapsed
overnight. The Chinese had nothing to do with it- it was all American


"The man who has nothing worth dying for has nothing worth living for"-

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