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donald girod
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Default Cheap import tools and product liability

Exactly why do you think these things are so dangerous??

Is it based on personal experience, or just the assumption that since it is
a shoddy piece of **** it will also hurt you? Exactly what, for instance,
is the angle grinder going to do to you? The wheel will fall apart due to
wheel defects, maybe, but what does that have to do with the grinder? If
you put a decent wheel on it, it's going to be fine. Maybe the gears with
disintegrate, but then you will be even safer since it won't be turning.

"Ian Stirling" wrote in message
In rec.crafts.metalworking Jeff Wisnia wrote:

Richard J Kinch wrote:

The recent thread "Violent Electric Drill Accident" got me wondering

places like Harbor Freight Tools and their product liability. The

store sells an amazing array of dangerous tools. We all know how

and defective some of them are, and notwithstanding the "electric drill
accident", surely there are many cases where a faulty tool hurts

What I cannot understand is how they can run a store and sell, oh,

grinders for $14.99,

Those are down to less than $10 this week! Time to stock up on stocking

I bet they could get another $3 off the price just by gluing the disk
on, and omitting the change key...

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