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Default Repairing cracked shelf in refrigerator door

Dan --

Many thanks for the great idea -- it worked! I used duct tape to hold
the shelf pieces together, then drilled a series of small holes in the
bottom of the shelf and sprayed the foam in. I couldn't find the
non-expanding type, so I sprayed very cautiously.

Since the fridge was on, it too much longer than usual to cure, but
once it did, the shelf was very solid -- certainly good enough to get
another 8 years out of the beast.

Thanks again,


DanG wrote:
I had excellent success with a little dorm type box where the
bottle holder straps had ripped out and left large holes and some
cracking. Used grow foam, injected in the holes. The one I used
is a commercial product for setting/insulating windows that does
not triple expand and break things. It has been in service for a
few years now. I made new bottle rack fronts out of some
appropriate material because mine were missing, If I'd had factory
ones, I believe they would have reinstalled.

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DanG (remove the sevens)

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The lower shelf on the door (molded plastic) in my 8-year-old
refrigerator is cracked on both ends -- any suggestions for how
repair it?

I tried epoxy, but no luck -- the plastic is pretty thin and I
think there was enough surface area.

My appliance repair shop suggested duct tape, which would work,
would be ugly and hard to clean.

I'm wondering if there is some kind of kit out there that will
do the