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Grant Erwin
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Default Enco 7X12 Bandsaw Question ( repost)


1) Call Enco and ask if they can do parts support
2) Call Jet/Delta/Grizzly or someone who makes a very similar saw
and ask their parts line if *they* do parts support for *their*
7x12 bandsaw
3) Consider learning to make gears

Good luck.

Johnsorj wrote:
( My apologies if you recieved this message twice--AOL is really
buggered up lately-RJJ )


Hi All

I recently purchased an Enco 7X12 Horizontal/Vertical
bandsaw at an industrial auction. It seemed to run
OK under no load but the blade would stall
as soon I I tried to saw anything heavy ( with
a cogging sound coming from the gearbox). I pulled
the gearbox cover and discovered that the steel
worm gear has completely cut off the top of the
brass driven gear--It is difficult to tell but
it looks as though the 2 gears barely meshed even
when new ( as though the spacing between gears is
too far apart for these non-adjustable gears)

Has anyone else encountered this on one of these 7X12
saws or even the very common 4X6 smaller saw ?
(The design of the 7X12 saw appears to be identical
to the common 4X6 with just scaled up components)

My concern is that any replacement gear from Enco will be
undersized and will only partially mesh--leading to another
mulched driven gear in 6 months---Major Bummer !!!

Any ideas ??? The bad driven gear is rouhly 2" in diameter
and has 20 teeth---Perhaps a larger gear with 2-3 more
teeth ( and hence larger diameter for a more complete
mesh) might be a better solution ??? Finding such a gear
might prove difficult ??

All comments are greatly appreciated

Ray Johnson
St.Paul, MN