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Morris Dovey
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Default VFD versus Phase Converter versus 3-phase power

Jay Pique (in )

| Assume that I have in front of the above referenced options. I can
| pick only one - a VFD, a (rotary) Phase Converter or straight
| 3-phase power for the 3-phase 16" Rockwell RAS I picked up for
| $300. In the long run, which will cost less to own and operate
| over time? Assume the 5hp VFD is $250 and the 5hp converter is
| $400. Am I likely to spend a lot more money on power if I have to
| spring for 3-phase direct? Manintenance issues with the VFD and
| converter relative to 3-phase power - and to each other?


I got a sale flyer from Enco today. They're advertizing
Phase-a-matic(tm) static phase converters with prices of US$123.95 for
a 1-3HP converter and $150.95 for a 3-5HP converter. It might be worth
checking out catalog numbers DN297-3715 and DN297-3725 at


Morris Dovey
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