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Default VFD versus Phase Converter versus 3-phase power

Jay Pique wrote:
Assume that I have in front of the above referenced options. I can
pick only one - a VFD, a (rotary) Phase Converter or straight 3-phase
power for the 3-phase 16" Rockwell RAS I picked up for $300. In the
long run, which will cost less to own and operate over time? Assume
the 5hp VFD is $250 and the 5hp converter is $400. Am I likely to
spend a lot more money on power if I have to spring for 3-phase direct?
Manintenance issues with the VFD and converter relative to 3-phase
power - and to each other?

Thanks, and I'm googling too.


I prefer a RPC over the VFD, but is mainly a personal preference unless
you need the variable speed the VFD allows.

VFD's take longer to get the motor up to speed, I have noticed. I have
also killed a static PC and a VFD on my Bridgeport mill but the RPC is
still going strong after 5 years of use.

I made my 5Hp RPC for less than $30 with salvaged components, it is
very easy to do.

Straight 3-phase is best, unless you need variable speed, but for only
1 tool will cost alot to install.