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Jay Pique
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Default VFD versus Phase Converter versus 3-phase power


In many cases, VFDs actually improve the efficiency of a system,
because they allow the motor to run at the minimal current that can
support the desired load at a constant RPM. For that reason, many
very large industrial motors (like large air fans in mines, or large
air-conditioning compressors) are run on VFDs, even though in those
cases 3-phase power is certainly available. All these effects are too
small to matter for amateur woodworking tools.

Where VFDs really shine is for variable-speed machines, like a drill
press. Again, this is a case where a VFD would be used even if
3-phase power is already available. But this is an application where
a VFD-rated motor is obviously required, as the system will be run at
full torque and low speed regularly.

Thanks a lot for your response.