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Default Moving a gas meter

"jofreeman2000" wrote in message

Hi all,

Really hope you can help - we just moved to a small terraced house

a big gas meter uder the stairs. Because the kitchen is so tiny we

hoping to do as some of our neighbours have and put our fridg

in the space under the stairs. In order to do this we need to move

gas meter elsewhere. I rang the gas suppliers who put me throught

fulcrum and they've sent a really complicated application form to

out. However I'm finding it really hard to complete as it all seems

assume you are wanting to move your gas meter outside the

house..... we
only want to move it to the back of the house into the utility

room. Any
ideas about how tricky this is?


What is the problem with having the meter outside (the front of your
house)? ISTM that you are making things far more complicated than
they need to be by the sounds of it, once past the company gas valve
and meter you will have far more options (within the regulations) to
do as you please.