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Default Repairing cracked shelf in refrigerator door

I have repaired plastic fridge shelves/drawers with pop rivets to hold
stainless steel strapping across the break. This creates a "decorative" type
of repair as it looks like it should be there. The stainless steel straps
are about 1/2" wide and are leftovers from the straps used to anchor
road-side signs to utility poles by strapping around the pole. The excess is
cut off and that is what I used.

"Doug Kanter" wrote in message

wrote in message
The lower shelf on the door (molded plastic) in my 8-year-old
refrigerator is cracked on both ends -- any suggestions for how to
repair it?

I tried epoxy, but no luck -- the plastic is pretty thin and I don't
think there was enough surface area.

My appliance repair shop suggested duct tape, which would work, but
would be ugly and hard to clean.

I'm wondering if there is some kind of kit out there that will do the



If you find a way, let me know. I've tried two different epoxies so far on
the vegetable drawer. No luck.