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Default Electric Meter Re-location

In article , The
Natural Philosopher writes
fred wrote:

I remember someone reporting having this done outside the electrico loop
in the past. I raised an eyebrow at the time but it made sense as it was
explained that during building works a meter might have to move
temporarily then be moved back. IIRC the sequence was for the contractor
to send a notification of works to the supply company then wait 2 weeks
for screams from them, then carry out the works and re-notify the supply
company that they can reseal the meter. In this instance the temporary
move of the meter for building works just happens to occur on the same
day as the move to the new meter box ;-).

A google might find the article concerned, probably from a couple of years

We did this.

Relocated it all ourselves..electrico came and inspected, ticked,
resealed and said 'tsk tsk, but its fine now',,BUT they had to pull the
100A fuse on the main trasnformer circuit to allow us to do it 'not
live' and put it back unless yiou want to work on a live
setup, you may need to do the same.

2 meters from meter to CU is all you are allowed as well.

Ta, I have the benefit of a separate board fuse which I can pull myself. I
need to move it 5m but will be putting in a fused sub main.
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